Currents: Articles and Tournament Results

Currents: Articles and Tournament Results

The News & Results screen is broken down into two sections: News and Results. TopDecked aggregates all of the written Magic content on the web and allows you to select the articles that fits your preferences.

Checking through the entire TopDecked Tour series will provide details on every part of the app. Most user questions can be answered within this article series.


The News section is an article feed – TopDecked curates a list of top MTG content producing sites to display. Get tournament reports  and deck techs from the best on Star City Games or Channel Fireball, read finance articles from the Cabal of Evil MTG Investors [ 😉 ]  on TCG Player and much more.

Content Sources Include:

  • Wizards of The Coast
  • Star City Games
  • Channel Fireball
  • MTG Goldfish
  • Modern Nexus
  • TCG Player
  • Gathering Magic
  • Face To Face Games
  • Card Kingdom
  • MTG Stocks
  • MTG Salvation
  • Ask A Magic Judge
  • Tolarian Community College
  • And More…


Swipe left or click the second column on the bottom right of the screen to turn the display to the Tournament Results Viewer.

Then, select a specific tournament entry and get the full decklists of the Top 8 competitors. From there, select a specific deck and see the 75 exact cards that competitor succeeded with – card for card – as if you built it in the TopDecked Deck Builder yourself!