Decks: Build Custom Magic Decklists

Decks: Build Custom Magic Decklists

No matter if you are a Timmy, Johnny or Spike, MTG players all need to keep track of the decks they collect, build or play. Learn how to master the MTG Deck Builder with this article.
Checking through the entire TopDecked Tour series will provide details on every part of the app. Most user questions can be answered within this article series.

The Deck Builder:

MTG Deck Builder
To start a new deck using the MTG Deck Builder press the green plus button in the center of screen. From there a user sees an initial menu screen where they can name the deck, write a description for it, categorize it by format using the drop down on the right and setting the icon of a deck.
MTG Deck Builder Initial Screen
If a user has a deck already written out on a text file, but want to use TopDecked’s deck tools and analytics, look no further! To import a deck this way, press the import button and paste the list (line by line). Hit submit and it uploads to TopDecked MTG Deck Builder!
Now, press that green plus button and start adding cards to your main deck.

MTG Deck Builder Deck Editor

After a deck is complete, a user can select the sideboard tab and add 15 cards there too. TopDecked will always check the current deck with the format legality rules so there is no guessing if a deck is legal in the format.

What About Commander?

Commander Players, TopDecked has Commander decks covered too! Some deck builders include commanders in the 100 cards on display, but TopDecked specifically has a zone in the deck builder for identifying the commander!

Also, the deck builder checks for the commander identity rule too! Check it out:

Commander Legality

How Do I Change The Art Displayed Per Card?

One of the beautiful things about Magic: The Gathering is everyone’s deck can be a representation of who they. The card art we prefer is one of those ways. So TopDecked extends that feature to deck building images too.

To change the art or set of a card in a deck simply click on the card; this will bring of the individual card screen. Then, click on the set name/icon on the left of the page. This will display all of the printings of the card for you to choose from.