Major updates in Simulation, Decklists, and Collections


Major updates in Simulation, Decklists, and Collections

Hey everyone!

I’d like to take a few minutes to tell people what’s coming in this week’s TopDecked update! Version 2.5.5 should be available in the app stores today or tomorrow (Thursday April 26th), and it’s got a LOT of features just waiting to help make your experience even better.

* New, more intuitive touch controls, easier drag/drop
* Library search
* Command zone
* Turn cards sideways on the battlefield
* Reorder cards in hands, battlefield, and library
* Hide / show hand

* Brawl and Tiny Leaders decks
* Dominaria card errata for past sets
* Much more informative display when collections are saved/backed up
* Minimize decklist validations by tapping

* Decklists load MUCH faster
* Collection syncing improvements & bugfixes
* Rat Colony will now support as many rats as you desire

Please feel free to send feedback in the app about any of this, or anything else that you want to be improved, or if you just want to say “hey!”. We love hearing your thoughts and ideas, and we take all feedback VERY seriously.

We hope you enjoy this week’s update. Don’t forget to tell your friends to “Get TopDecked!”


Lincoln Baxter III

Lincoln Baxter III

Lincoln Baxter, III is a competitive Magic: The Gathering player and deck brewer, skilled with control decks. When he is not playing, practicing, or promoting Legacy, he works as the owner of TopDecked MTG - the premier deck-building, collection management, trading, and event finder for Magic: The Gathering.